Hey guys! If you made it to this page you probably want to know more of who we are and what Hetchy is all about!

Hetchy is a husband (Nate) and wife (Amy) team who live for adventure and can't wait for their next visit to the outdoors. Nate is an Apparel/Graphic Designer by trade. Amy is a successful, well established Hair Stylist. We absolutely love getting out there and wanted to create a company that would immerse us even further into that world. A world we want to protect. Which is why we give 3% of sales to conservancies and aid efforts every month.

Our goal as a manufacturer and distributor is to be sustainable, low impact and responsible as possible. We use eco friendly fabrics and do not ship with single use items such as polybags, plastic packaging or even hangtags!

We just want to do what we love and make a living doing it. That means that of course we want to be outside as much as possible. But it also means we want to do our part to help. Were want to give others the ability to do so as well.

Thanks for reading!

Amy & Nate